A DUI conviction can have many consequences.  Not only can you lose your driving privileges and go to jail, but in some cases, you can even lose your job.   Having an experienced West Virginia DUI lawyer on your side can help.
Robby Long has handled a wide array of DUI cases including:  death and serious injury cases, aggravated DUI, child endangerment, safety checkpoints, automobiles parked off the roadway, permitting DUI, refusal of field sobriety testing, refusal of alcohol breath testing and other chemical testing, and many other scenarios.
Rob can help answer questions and help defend against both revocation of driving privileges and criminal prosecution.   He is well versed and resourceful about the various time frames involved, DUI deferral program, the West Virginia Alcohol Drug Test and Lock (Interlock) Program, and other facets of DUI cases.
If you are arrested for DUI, it is important that you know your rights.   Some of your rights are time-sensitive so it is important that you contact an experienced West Virginia DUI lawyer without delay. 
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