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HAMLIN – A Lincoln County man was transported from jail, recently, to make his first circuit court appearance since being indicted by a Lincoln County grand jury for a number of alleged violent felony crimes. Corbett Shawn Plumley appeared before Chief Circuit Court Judge Jay Hoke, Tuesday afternoon, February 5, 2019. The case was called at 2:38 p.m. and lasted around five minutes.

Plumley was led into court by Deputy Greg Hensley, having been transported earlier from the Southwestern Regional Jail in Holden in Logan County. Plumley, 41, has been held there since December 12, 2018 on separate charges originating in Logan County. Cash only bond in that case was set at $40,000. Plumley’s charges are listed as prohibited drug purchase (felony), shoplifting (misdemeanor), and simple possession (misdemeanor). That case remains before the courts in Logan County.

In Lincoln County on February 5, Plumley was joined in court by his counsel, Robby Long. As reported previously in The Lincoln Journal, Plumley was indicted for felony strangulation, misdemeanor brandishing, and misdemeanor domestic battery, all for criminality alleged to have been committed on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. He is alleged to have strangled a named female victim, brandished a knife at her, and caused her physical harm. The indictment was based on the information of State Trooper Wingo.

Long confirmed to the court that Plumley would waive a reading of the indictment and would waive the reading of his constitutional rights. He pleaded not guilty to the three counts of the indictment. Long noted in court that Plumley is currently in jail for charges from the adjoining jurisdiction in Logan County. Judge Hoke continued the case to Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Plumley was returned to jail later in the afternoon.

Photo and story courtesy of the Lincoln Journal.

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